You’re Dead to Me

Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore


First Look:

Pretty standard Urban Fantasy cover.

Jacket Copy:

Necromancer is such an ugly word, but it’s a title Eric Carter is stuck with.

He sees ghosts, talks to the dead. He’s turned it into a lucrative career putting troublesome spirits to rest, sometimes taking on even more dangerous things. For a fee, of course.

When he left L.A. fifteen years ago he thought he’d never go back. Too many bad memories. Too many people trying to kill him.

But now his sister’s been brutally murdered and Carter wants to find out why.

Was it the gangster looking to settle a score? The ghost of a mage he killed the night he left town? Maybe it’s the patron saint of violent death herself, Santa Muerte, who’s taken an unusually keen interest in him.

Carter’s going to find out who did it and he’s going to make them pay.

As long as they don’t kill him first. Continue reading


Not the Jacobites!

Palace of Spies by Sarah Zettel


First Look:

Ugh.  They paid someone to design this?  Actually, my biggest problem is not the actual design, it’s more that it doesn’t fit.  To me, this says, “Time-travel or costume party novel for 11-year-olds”, when actually, it’s a historical novel (no time-traveling involved), more for 14-year-olds. Three years makes a huge difference at that age!  But also, it’s ugly.

Jacket Copy:

Sixteen-year-old Peggy is a well-bred orphan who is coerced into posing as a lady in waiting at the palace of King George I. Life is grand, until Peggy starts to suspect that the girl she’s impersonating might have been murdered. Unless Peggy can discover the truth, she might be doomed to the same terrible fate. But in a court of shadows and intrigue, anyone could be a spy—perhaps even the handsome young artist with whom Peggy is falling in love…

History and mystery spark in this effervescent series debut.

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Zombies, with a Twist

Blogger’s Note: I’ve been away, partly due to laziness, and partly due to internet service woes.  Now I’ve got quite a backlog…again.  I’m going to attempt to blitz these out by years’ end.

Working Stiff and Two Weeks’ Notice by Rachel Caine


First Look:

Typical Urban Fantasy Cover, Variation #2: tough-looking chick standing alone, gazing defiantly at readers.  (Book 2 uses Variation 1: tough-looking chick standing alone with weapon.)

Jacket Copy:

(From first volume.)

Bryn Davis knows working at Fairview Mortuary isn’t the most glamorous career choice, but at least it offers stable employment–until she discovers her bosses using a drug that resurrects the clientele as part of an extortion racket. Now, Bryn faces being terminated–literally, and with extreme prejudice.

Wit the help of corporate double-agent Patrick McCallister, Bryn has a chance to take down the bigger problem–pharmaceutical company Pharmadene, which treats death as the ultimate corporate loyalty program. She’d better do it fast, before she becomes a zombie slave–a real working stiff. She’d be better off dead… Continue reading