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Today I am a stop on the blog tour for Atlantis Voyager: The Escape by Kiz Jones.  Stay tuned after my review for a message from the author.

Atlantis Voyager: The Escape by Kiz Jones

atlantis Voyager

First Look:

Oh.  Oh, dear.   And I have no idea what the butterflies are about.

Jacket Copy:

In book one of Atlantis Voyager: Alexa and her family have spent twelve years on Earth observing primitive cultures, collecting samples, and sending their findings back to their home world, Atlantia. As the end of their mission approaches and they prepare for their return to Atlantia, the unexpected happens. Earth is invaded by an old enemy. The research team must take drastic measures to ensure the safety of their families and the inhabitants of Earth. Along the way, Alexa finds herself torn between feelings for two men. Turning eighteen isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.


They all made their way back up to the bridge. Tim and Jason were with Tara, working on the navigation console. Chloe held Lissa in her lap, distracting her by playing with her little doll. Alexa walked over to check on little Lissa.

“Hey, little bit, you doing okay?”

The little girl nodded. Her hair bobbing. “I don’t like the t-boost. It makes me feel woozy.”

“Me too, kiddo.” Alexa patted her head comfortingly.

She looked back up and found Korinna watching her closely. “Korinna? Are you okay?”

She nodded. “You care for one another. I am unused to that.”

Alexa slowly reached out her hand to pat the other girl’s shoulder. “I care about you too now. You are one of us, a part of our crew.”

“Leo!” Tim yelled out.

Alexa watched Leo run over to the console where Tim was sitting. From the look on both Jason and Tim’s faces, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

“Are these the right coordinates?” Tim asked.

“No. Here, let me.” Leo leaned over and typed in a new set of coordinates. He stepped back as the mainframe computer reconfigured their designation.

Tim sighed. “Well, at least now we know where we are not. We are not anywhere near Atlantia.”

“Will we need to use the teleboost again to reach Atlantia?” Nik asked.

“Yes, but we can’t, at least, not right now. The navigation system is overworked. I won’t be able to start up the teleportation schematics until I have the exact coordinates. I suggest we make several small jumps instead of the larger ones. The large boosts are too much on us physically and too hard on the mainframe computer. Another big boost could fry the mainframe. Also, the larger boosts uses greater amounts of fuel. I will need some time to work out coordinates for the small jumps,” Leo explained.

“How much time?” Nik asked.

“I’ll need at least a couple of hours. Plan on an hour for the navigation system to regain full function and then another hour to configure the teleboost for the smaller jumps.”

“Do we know if the Tranzits followed us with this last jump like they did the first time?” Tara asked.

“We won’t be able to tell until the mainframe is fully functioning again. The good news is, if they did follow us, their computer systems are most likely down just like ours are. They won’t be fully functioning for a while, ” Jason spoke up. Leo nodded his agreement.

“Since nothing can be done for at least two hours, I suggest everyone go and get something to eat and rest,” Nik ordered.

“What about you?” Alexa asked.

“I will stay on the bridge to keep an eye out for the Tranzits, in case they did come through the last jump.”

Everyone headed to their apartments. It hadn’t been that long since they last ate, but the jumps took a big toll on  their bodies. They were all hungry. Lissa was still scared and about to cry again. Tara was going to try to get her to take another nap after she ate something.

Alexa tried to get Leo to come with her but he insisted on going back with the boys to their apartment. She didn’t want to interfere with them bonding together. They needed that. She realized for the first time that he was growing up. He was no longer her baby brother. She wanted him to be independent, but it meant that he would need her less and less. It was bittersweet.

Apollo kept trying to get her attention. He probably wanted to talk about the kiss they had shared. She wasn’t ready yet. She was so confused. Nik had told her on the trading colony that he wasn’t interested in her, so she shouldn’t feel guilty for kissing Apollo. Besides, Apollo had been her first boyfriend. Their relationship preceded her and Nik’s whatever-it-was. They had a connection too.

Her relationship with Nik had always been a push and pull. There were times that when she was around him, everything was great. Then he would do or say something to irritate her. She admired him. He was strong and intelligent. He commanded people around him easily. He reminded her a little of her father. That was a disturbing thought.


I know at least one is planned.

Worth Reading?


There was a lot of infodumping, some sketchy logic, and some very questionable science–in short, it reminded me a lot of an episode of Star Trek: ToS.

Notable Things:


Love Triangle.  Alexa is attracted to both Nik and Apollo, and both of them seem to be interested in her.  It seems pretty obvious that Nik will be her eventual choice, although she may have a fling with Apollo first.


Words.  Others may not mind so much, but I found the word choices, especially the numerous not-quite-swear-words, to be strange.  “Medusa take it!”  and the author’s favorite, “Cripes!” are especially strong in my mind.  “Cripes” comes from “Christ” and is therefore not appropriate to either ancient Greek or the Atlantean culture, and is regardless jarring, since it’s not really in common usage today.


The Star Trek comparison goes further than the superficial characteristics of the writing.  There is a bit of hypocrisy in both worlds, because lip service is paid to egalitarianism, but when things get rough, the ladies have to hide while the men make the decisions and fight (not to mention that the sexual double standard is extremely present).  There is also an “evil” race (much like Klingons in ToS), the idea of races evolving in a certain set way that can be measured.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Star Trek for what it is, but that doesn’t mean I watch it (or read this book) with my brain or my modern sensibilities turned off.  Finally, all of this is merely background for the big ol’ love triangle.  It’s pretty obvious that Jones just wanted to write a romance that happened to be set in space.  That’s fine, it’s just not my cup of tea.  I’d rather read the big sci-fi story that happened to have a romance in the background.


I got a free review copy from the author through Mark My Words.

Author Message:

Hi there,

My name is Kiz Jones. I’m a single mother living her dream of being an author. I have been an avid reader since I was a kid and have been making up stories my whole life. I love all genres but my favorite is science fiction. I would start writing a story but would never finish it. I never thought that I could do it.

In 2012 I decided to just TRY it. I was going to write a full story from beginning to end. I decided that if my friends liked it, then I would self-publish it. They did and the rest was history. I signed on with MCJ Warriors about six months later.

When I first started to write a year ago, I wrote about the kind of books that I would like to read. That led me to write Science Fiction. When I write, I feel the story flow through me. I have a sense of fulfillment and purpose that this was what I was born to do.

I find inspiration everywhere I go. I have nieces and nephews that remind of the characters that I create. I wrote Atlantis Voyager: The Escape for the kids in my family and my friend’s children. I wanted them to read a story where the kids were the action heroes.

When I write I have a movie playing in my head. I am seeing the action as I am writing it down. If Atlantis Voyager was made into a movie, I think the following actors would be fantastic as the three main characters. Grace Phipps as Alexa. Kellan Lutz as Nik. Alex Pettyfer as Apollo.

You can find my books anywhere at amazon, bookstrand, allromance, kobo, smashwords, jk publishing bookstore, itunes, and google.


Buy the book at:


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JK Publishing Bookstore

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