Top Ten Tuesday – Turnoffs


Thanks as always to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting TTT!  Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is about things that will make you NOT pick up a book.

1. Angels/Fallen Angels as Romantic Leads


I’m not sure why this setup bores me so much, but it does, so there you go.  Maybe it’s because they always have to choose between Heaven and love.  Anyway, so bored.

2. Implied Instalove


Again, boring.  Key phrases not to include on jacket copy of books you want me to read: “inexplicably drawn to [X]”, “instantly attracted to [X]”, “strangely intrigued by [X]”, “different than anyone she’s ever met”, etc.  All of these usually turn out to be code for instalove.

3. Contemporary Realistic


Not to say that I’ve never enjoyed a Contemporary Realistic book, but in general, they just don’t float my boat.  I like the magic and the spaceships and the history.  A Contemporary Realistic has to come really highly recommended for me to want to read it, and even then sometimes I say, “no thanks.”

4. Strong Indicators that it’s an “ISSUE BOOK”


I know these can be very helpful to those dealing with that particular issue, but I just don’t want to read a book that’s all about one issue.  I like complicated.  Also, sometimes these books are very simplistic about the solutions to tough problems.

5. Novels in Verse



Ugh.  I’m not a huge poetry fan, anyway, and I just can’t stand this trend.  It usually seems like the description should be “a mixture of run-on sentences and short, choppy sentences


Random line

Breaks, so

I can call it poetry.”

6. Be a Later Volume in a Series I Haven’t Started


I’m sure that this won’t sound weird to my book nerds, but I DO NOT read series out of order.

7. Heroine Sounds Useless


‘Nuff said.

Probably there are other things, but this is what I could think of.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Turnoffs

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  2. All types of insta-love are instant turnoffs for me.
    And definitely a HUGE yes to heroines that sound useless. I hate it when I read about heroines that just STAND there, doing nothing.
    Awesome list! (:

    My TTT

  3. Ha-great list! I HATE insta-love too, especially as it is often seems connected to how attractive the characters are. Funny how people in books never seem to fall in insta-love with average-looking people. Didn’t even know there was a category called “contemporary realistic”, but I think I actually prefer those types of books to spaceships. 🙂


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