Ruby Red (Or Pomegranate)

Ruby by Francesca Lia Block and Carmen Staton


First Look:

Absolutely love it!  It’s so pretty in concept and execution, and it has a very fairy-tale-esque look.

Jacket Copy:

From the beloved author of Necklace of Kisses comes a modern-day fairy tale of a willful and intuitive heroine and a world of shocking realism and transcendent magic.

Francesca Lia Block, this time with co-writer Carmen Staton, introduces readers to Ruby, a Midwestern girl named for the jewel that is believed to ward off evil spirits. Ruby’s special gift is a sixth sense that makes her at one with nature and gives her the ability to know her own destiny.

After growing up in an abusive family, Ruby escapes to Los Angeles and learns of her soulmate — Orion — a British actor. She travels to England, where she works at a potions and herbs shop, and through a series of coincidental circumstances, ends up nursing Orion back to health without confessing that she has been on a quest to find him all along. But just when she thinks her dream is becoming a reality, Ruby is stopped in her tracks by the violent demons of her past. Only by facing the darkness together can she and Orion finally fulfill their destiny.

As with Necklace of Kisses, Block, here with Staton, breaks the mold. In Ruby, readers will find a story about the power of our minds to overcome the past and ultimately change the course of our lives.



Worth Reading?


When you’re in the mood for something poetic and dreamlike, you can always turn to Francesca Lia Block.

Notable Things:


Abuse.  Incest and recovery is a huge theme in this book.  It’s not told in any detail, and the focus is mostly the recovery period rather than the abuse, but it’s good to know that going in.


Magic!  Ruby’s magic isn’t Harry Potter, though, it’s herbs and earth and intuition–which will surprise no one who is familiar with Block.


Francesca Lia Block!  Yes, she gets her own “unique writing style” Special Thing.  No one else is quite like her, and that’s probably why I like her so much.


I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite Block–that might be Primavera, though it’s hard to pick one.  But it’s still awfully beautiful.  Normally, I wouldn’t stand for a MC basically stalking her celebrity crush, but because it is a fairy tale style, it’s just one of those things: she knows that he’s her soulmate.  These magical coincidences and crazy feats happen all the time in fairy tales.

Do you ever feel that a book is just made to be read aloud?  Sometimes I read aloud to myself, just to feel the words in my mouth (Catherynne M. Valente’s Palimpsest is an example).  This text feels full and…juicy keeps coming to mind. A red, juicy pomegranate of a book.


Borrowed from work, because I am poor and live in a small apartment.


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