Top Ten Tuesday — Intimidation


Top Ten Tuesday, as always, is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s theme is Books that Intimidate You.


I’ve actually just started reading this one!  There’s not really an intrinsic reason why this intimidated me…it’s more expectations–everyone thinks I must have already read it, lots of high recommendations (“life-changing” says my friend Lindsey), the fact that I did read the Sally Lockhart series and was not super impressed.  So far, though, I like it!


This has got to be on lots of people’s lists.  I did start this once, put it down for “a little while”, and didn’t return till after I’d forgotten who everyone was and what had happened to them.  I have read Anna Karenina, though, so I think I get points for that.


I was intimidated by this.  I mean, it’s huge and looks kind of imposing, with the black cover (most commonly, anyway). Then I read it, fell in love, and try to get everyone else to read it.  It’s so wonderful.  I mean, it has fictional citations of fictional scholarly works!  How do you, as a book nerd, not revel in that?

[EDIT: After reading another person’s list, I just realized that I really should have Moby Dick on here.]

….Honestly, that’s all I can think of, barring specialized nonfiction that I wouldn’t understand anyway.  I might not choose a lot of other books as the first thing to read, but I feel like a pretty fearless reader in general.


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday — Intimidation

    • I just love a novel with footnotes. It’s always great. Point of Interest: one of the fictional scholars Clarke quotes has the same (very unusual) name as my cousin!

  1. Well done on reading Anna Karenina. It’s one I’m also intimidated by. War and Peace is such a brick of a book I can understand why people are put off by it. Again, it’s one that I’m not compelled to read, but feel I perhaps should attempt!

  2. Yep, JONATHAN STRANGE was definitely on my intimidation list for a while. I did completely fall in love with it once I finally made it through!

  3. I’ve read Northern Lights so I really want to read the other 2 books in the HDM series. You’re right though- it’s praised so much that it does put newbies off from reading it.

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