Dark and Lovely

The Experiment in Terror Series, 1-6, inclusive, by Karina Halle


First Look:

Ooooo, pretty.  Ominous.  I likey.  (Note: Halle deserves mad props for this cover, because this is self-published, guys.  Most self-published books look like someone who has just learned the basics of Photoshop that day cut & pasted ALL THE CLIP ARTS, then used five of their favorite effects on the result.)

Jacket Copy:

With all the vampire, werewolf and faerie books out there, it’s easy to become numb to all things supernatural. The antidote? Darkhouse introduces two real and unforgettable characters, Perry Palomino & Dex Foray, amateur ghost hunters who are “attractive, relatable and oddly heroic,” “flawed but loveable,” “slightly crazy” and just the most endearing pair to ever tackle the paranormal…just don’t call them normal. Darkhouse is a thrilling and sexy new take on concepts like Supernatural and The X-Files, bringing a breath of fresh air to a genre that has been inundated with the dead. ***Darkhouse and the Experiment in Terror series is a horror/romance for mature audiences only. Readers who are easily offended by harsh language should think twice about reading it.***


I read 6 novels and 4 novellas in the series.  The 7th novel was just released a few days ago, and I haven’t gotten to it yet.  Plan to soon.

Worth Reading?


If you are looking for an addictive series which will give you both terrified shivers and romantic shivers, this is the one.

Notable Things:


Some truly terrifying stuff.  The ghosts and other paranormal activity that Dex and Perry deal with often gave me the shivers.


Chemistry!  Whatever else you might say about their relationship, Dex and Perry have chemistry in spades.


I kiiiind of think Halle has found some way to infuse cocaine into (electronic) text, because I couldn’t stop reading this series till I finished everything that had been released (at the time).


If you like real horror and dark romance, you’ll love these books.  You must also be willing to put up with a few typos.  The author has a whole section on her webpage dealing with this.  FYI: in the later books, although there is still scariness galore, the romance is a bit more the focus.  But seriously, I was reading these books so fast, I almost felt sick, like I’d been on a candy binge.  I was actually a bit relieved when I finished what was available, because then I could take a break.  I’m excited for book 7 now, though!


Bought (electronic), all of them.


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