Monstrously Cute!

Martin Monsterman by Manny Trembley

[Note: I have closer ties than usual to this book, so please note the disclosure at the bottom.]


First Look:

A plethora of cute, colorful monsters!  I love it.

Jacket Copy:

Martin Monsterman is under a curse that turns him into a random monster for a predetermined amount of time. Moonlit nights for were-creatures, vampires on other nights, yetis and squid monsters during the day. Will Martin be able to overcome his curse?


Nope, it’s a standalone.

Worth Reading?


Wacky, fun adventures?  Sign me up!

Notable Things:


Art!  The fun, colorful art popped off the page.


Cute love story!  There’s a sweet romance in the book, very adorable, but not too sweet.  If you’ve seen My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, you understand what a compliment this pic is. 🙂


Monsters!  Poor Martin turns into so many different monsters, he probably turns into your favorite at least once.  That is, if you’re the sort of person who has favorite monsters….


I had a fun 45 minutes or so reading this graphic novel, which probably makes it about at perfect reading level for junior high.  However, I would say that most any age could enjoy it.  I love the bright, cheerful colors, especially when used on the monsters.  I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a quick and amusing graphic novel.  The only problem I had with it was minor–I few typos/misspellings, but not many.


I received my copy from the author, because I contributed to the Kickstarter that helped bring the book into being.  Also, the author is my cousin’s husband’s brother, but I have only met him once (at their wedding).



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